Functional Testing

In addition to a full medical history intake, I offer a range of functional testing used to investigate biochemical, nutritional, metabolic, and hormonal, status when necessary. Functional testing is available during consultation, if deemed necessary.

I have a strong commitment and dedication to an evidence-based medicine approach.

Functional testing balances alternative approaches and assisting the diagnosis, treatment and management of your health & fertility.

Many of the conventional labs are ordered through Labtest. If ordered through your GP these will often be covered, for others they may be covered under your medical insurance.

Functional + Medical Testing

Functional and medical pathology tests are

  • Full Blood Pathology

  • Saliva Hormones - Testing female and male sex hormones

  • Saliva Hormones - Testing adrenal/cortisol hormones

  • Preconception screenings

  • Sperm analysis and DNA fragmentation

  • “Dutch” Hormone profile

  • Thyroid Profile - Comprehensive

  • CDSA - Stool analysis and digestive health

  • Microbiome Mapping

  • Parasite screening stool sample

  • Food intolerance testing

  • Environmental allergen and exposure profile

  • Neuroendocrine Profile - For mood disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, genetic

  • DNA profiling

  • Auto-immune Screening

  • Coeliac pathology screening

  • Hair mineral analysis

  • Heavy metal screening

  • MTHFR gene testing

  • Intestinal permeability testing

  • Organic Acids


Nutritional/Micronutrient testing

A comprehensive nutritional evaluation that measures vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential micronutrients within the body's blood cells. This analysis reveals a person's nutritional status over a long period of time making it a more effective measurement compared to other nutritional testing.


Food allergy/sensitivity testing

A blood test to evaluate IgG and IgA food sensitivities. The test evaluates reactions to many different foods and is a tool to help guide elimination diets.


Organic Acid Testing

The Organic Acid test offers a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's overall health by measuring metabolic byproducts in a person's urine. The OAT accurately measures levels of intestinal yeast and bacteria, many of which are often missed with conventional laboratory testing. The test also evaluates carbohydrate digestion and mitochondrial function, while also measuring levels of certain vitamins and neurotransmitters.


Comprehensive digestive stool analysis / Microbiome Mapping

This test offers a comprehensive evaluation of overall health of the gastrointestinal tract. The analysis evaluates digestion/absorption markers, gut metabolic markers, gut microbiology markers, ova & parasite identification.


MTHFR Genotyping

Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) is an enzyme that converts folic acid into a usable form. It is a key enzyme in an important detoxification reaction in the body (one that converts homocysteine, which is toxic, to methionine, which is benign). If this enzyme is impaired, the detoxification reaction is impaired and homocysteine can build up in the blood. This can cause cardiovascular damage.

Impairment of the MTHFR enzyme can also compromise other methylation reactions in the body, including neurotransmitter function. So, MTHFR activity has also been linked to depression/anxiety. Inefficiency of the MTHFR enzyme has also been linked to migraines, autism, ADHD, fertility, cancer and birth defects because all of these depend on proper methylation.

A gene is responsible for how well the MTHFR enzyme works. A blood test can identify whether or not an individual has variant copies of the MTHFR gene.

Mold testing

Environmental chemical toxicity

DUTCH test (hormone testing)

Adrenal Function Testing