ADHD....Why can't you sit still?

Updated: Apr 16

I'm sure most parents say this often, but what if it is a sign of something bigger? Attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a real disorder and is commonly diagnosed in New Zealand, and in some cases it is also misdiagnosed.

ADHD affects both adults and children, however it's more noticeable in children, adults tend to hide their symptoms and have learnt coping strategies.

The symptoms of ADHD are more apparent when starting a new school, be that primary, intermediate, high school or university.

The common ADHD symptoms are

  • Unable to sit still, always wiggling on their seat

  • Not listening or following instructions

  • Lack of concentrating and focus

  • Easily distracted and bored

  • Over thinking things, mis-reading social cues

  • Impatience, doesn't like waiting for their turn

  • Difficulty organising or com