When you can't go.....

Updated: Feb 16

Having trouble pooping? You’re not alone. Constipation is an uncomfortable and inconvenient problem for both adults and children alike.

I know this topic can be embarrassing and nobody want to talk about it and my children are always asking me why I'm always reading books and talking about poo.

As a naturopath (one with Crohn's disease) I know the importance of our daily habits, pooing is our bodies way of dumping our bodies excess waste products, It is also a way of telling us what's going on in the body. Think of it as a daily health report card.

Constipation is obviously uncomfortable and frustrating, but left untreated it can lead to other serious health issues like fecal impaction, and colon cancer (study), this is why avoiding chronic constipation is top of my priority list.

When the stool (poo) stays in the bowel for extended periods of time, the body starts reabsorbing the toxins that it is trying to excrete, this increases toxicity in the body and may cause many issues including fatigue and acne.

Ideally we should be taking out the trash every day.

So What Is Constipation?